Billboard Bags

Billboards are everywhere, and while some may see them as an attractive adjunct to our urban landscape (Elle McPherson stretched along Parnell railway bridge?), others take a very different view. Unavoidable though is the billboard skin end-of-life problem. Generally very large one-off prints made from vinyl, a billboard skin if not reused as a farm tarpaulin is litle more than toxic waste.

Paradigm makes bags from used billboard skins adding handles of recycled carpet yarn or over-run and defective webbing: 10 L Supermarket size and ‘handbag’ size (roughly A4).

The sewing is done in Auckland by a collective of resettled Somali women who have been working hard to establish a business that can generate self-employment for themselves and their families. 

Our bags are very simple and practical, stylish, extremely tough and durable, and can be used for almost any purpose – from a handbag to a garden bag, every week in the supermarket for years, at the beach or for fishing, kids’ clobber, carrying Land Rover parts, fencing on the farm... we should have a competition!

Shop Now They will literally last a lifetime unlike the light woven polypropylene bags in supermarkets. And even better, we’ll give you a lifetime guarantee – a free replacement – but only if your story is good enough to share! Is that sustainable, or what!