A big city like Auckland is not always the most neighbourly of places, but we decided to get to know our neighbours in Brown Street – Dalston. Jules and Monique had just come back from the Portobello market in London inspired to set up shop as clothes designers and makers.

I am not sure how it started; perhaps we asked if they had any scraps – of course they did. Clint and Hazel did some playing around with the bits of material, some hardboard offcuts, and made up some shapes. We bought some brooch backs. We made up our first small line...  we liked them, and Dalston did also. So did visitors to the office, and Dalston customers – and it all sort of grew from there. A business was born.

We really liked the idea of using scraps to make something rather nice and hopefully sort of useful, and gradually expanded into earrings and necklaces. We have tried other materials, like acrylic offcuts, even bits of newspaper but the original Dalston materials on board still make the nicest pieces.

Shop Now Every piece is unique. You can see a range online here (and order from us), or if in Auckland visit Dalston in Grey Lynn (481 Richmond Road) and check out their stylish clothes at the same time.